Composites & bondings.
As strong as beautiful!

Universal or flowable? Micro or nanohybrid? Self-etch or total-etch bondings? Light or dual cure bondings? Because during your restorative procedures, you could need all of them, GOeasy‘s product range is large. All our products have been developed to provide you easy to place materials with excellent handling features.


GOeasy Fill Nano

Light cure universal nano reinforced composite with reduced shrinkage, great esthetics and high mechanical strength.

Improved wear resistance, combined with higher filler content, makes GOeasy Fill Nano nicely sculptable and excellently polishable to high surface luster. Your choice for state of the art esthetic restorations. Broad range of shades.


GOeasy Fill Ceram

Light cure universal microhybrid composite for anterior as well as posterior restorations reinforced with ceramic fillers for best mechanical properties.

Broad range of VITA® shades including an opaque dentin shade.


GOeasy Fill

Light cure universal microhybrid composite with excellent handling characteristics.

State of the art universal composite in terms of ease of use, non sticky application, cavity adaption. An easy way to use! Available in the most used shades.


GOeasy Flow Nano

Light cure nano reinforced flowable composite for a wide range of indications.

GOeasy Flow Nano with a nano-filler technology for improved mechanical properties, reduced shrinkage and convincing esthetics.


GOeasy Flow

Light cure, easily flowing microhybrid composite.

Reduced to the most common shades, GOeasy Flow provides an excellently flowable composite, usable in difficult to access preparations as good as in upper jaw class V fillings with unlimited convenience.


GOeasy Flow SE

Self adhesive light cure, flowable nano composite.

GOeasy Flow SE provides an excellently flowable composite, and a very easy to use material with no need of bonding.


GOeasy Etch Bond Mono

One-component self-etch light cure adhesive for light cure composites.


GOeasy Basic Bond

One-component light cure adhesive for the total-etch technique for light cure composites.


GOeasy Etch

Thixotropic etching gel with 37 % phosphoric acid.


GOeasy Etchbond Duo

2 bottles, self-etching, dual cure adhesive for dual and self cure composites.


Liner, varnishes and sealants.
Prevent and protect!

For a restorative procedure to protect the pulp or simply a prevention act, GOeasy provides you with useful and appropriate materials.


GOeasy Glass Line

Fluoride releasing light cure glass ionomer base liner.


GOeasy CA-Line LC

Light cure radiopaque calcium hydroxide liner.


GOeasy CA-Line

Calcium hydroxide liner.


GOeasy Seal

Light cure pit and fissure sealant.


GOeasy F-Mix Varnish

Fluoride containing varnish.


GOeasy F-Mix Gel

Fluoride containing gel.


All around cements:
lining, filling, luting!

Some may prefer conventional glass ionomer cements because of their biocompatibility, others will use resin modified ones because of their esthetic results and low solubility, some will use composite luting cements.


GOeasy Glass Fill Extra

Esthetic conventional glass ionomer cement for restorations.


GOeasy Glass Fill Classic

Conventional glass ionomer cement for restorations.


GOeasy Glass Cem Classic

Is a high quality luting cement which is essential for the luting of crowns, bridges, inlays, etc. GOeasy Glass Cem Classic has a first class adhesion offering a high compressive strength and high fluoride release which results in a long durability.


GOeasy ResinGlass Fill

Light cure resin modified glass ionomer cement for restorations.


GOeasy ResinGlass Cem

Is a light cure resin modified glass ionomer luting cement which combines the plus factors of both technologies: glass ionomers and resins. The result is a high quality material for final luting. GOeasy Resin Glass Cem shows good adhesion to the tooth substance and a very low film-thickness. GOeasy Resin Glass Cem provides high quality and easy handling for any restoration.


GOeasy Flow Cem Duo

Dual cure composite cement to be used with dual cure adhesives.


Temporary materials:
easy to use, lasting not only a short while…

Temporary crowns or bridges should not only protect the prepared teeth, but also enable a preview of the final result. That’s why GOeasy‘s Provi range is composed of products with sufficiently long lasting properties combined with natural esthetics..


GOeasy Provi Temp

Self cure esthetic temporary crown and bridge material.


GOeasy Provi Cem

Eugenol free temporary cement.


GOeasy Provi Fill

Light cure temporary filling material.


Impression and bite registration materials:
High accuracy!

The mouth is one of the most challenging environments! Our addition cure vinyl silicone impression materials are reliable materials, able to register the finest details. Besides showing a nice snap set (comfortable working time with short setting time) they are also designed for good tear strength, elasticity, dimensional stability and excellent readability.


GOeasy Reprint Putty

Kneadable base impression material, based on addition curing vinyl silicones.


GOeasy Reprint Light

Super hydrophilic correction impression material, based on addition curing vinyl silicones – low viscosity.


GOeasy Reprint Medium

Super hydrophilic impression material, based on addition curing vinyl silicones – medium viscosity.


GOeasy Reprint Bite

Bite registration material, based on addition curing vinyl silicones.


Denture relining materials:
For the patients comfort.

Poor fit of dentures can affect bone destruction and soft tissues reduction. To avoid this, GOeasy provides the dentists with complete kits of soft or hard relining materials. Both can be used chairside or indirect.


GOeasy Soft Rebase System

Soft Relining material for dentures.


GOeasy Hard Rebase System

Hard Relining material for dentures – cold curing.