Simply beautiful!

GOeasy as colorful as the world! Each group of products offers a color coded transparent packaging. With a clear view of the content you get. Moreover sophisticated product innovations, high quality and all needs of dentists are covered. So easy is the concept og GOeasy. Each product group has its own code colored world. This plays a major role in the fast dentist world - products belonging together are recognised at the first view.

Great solutions for the best possible price. That's it GOeasy: Simply beautyful!

Thank you very much for your interest in our high quality line GOeasy! We would like to introduce GOeasy as a german brand of highest quality dental material. GOeasy products are produced in Germany. P.L. Superior Dental Materials GmbH, Hamburg is starting to export this family of products all over the world. Our business partners will evaluate our first-rate quality line GOeasy as well as the secureness, functional assurance and our reasonable prices. The product range of GOeasy fixes the needs of modern dentists at their daily work. So the Dentists can meet with our classic or our latest generation high quality products all demands of their working style and of their patients. All our products show a very good price-performance ratio and a fantastic handeling.

GOeasy product range:
Easy to use – and
much, much more!

We offer GOeasy products as: Mircohybrid-Composite, Ceram Reinforced Compsite, Nano Composite, Compomer, Crown and Bridge material, Glass Ionomer FILLING and LUTING cements, Impression material, Liners and Sealers, Temporary material, Fluoride products and Futher products for dental needs. All this we offer in differnt packings. Looking forward to hearing from you and being a partner af the GOeasy family.